Colour adjustment of images

Through many years of working for some of the largest clothing manufacturers, publishing houses and advertising agencies in the industry, Mindworking Asia has acquired extensive experience in colour adjustment of images.

For instance, if your pictures are underexposed, the white balance is incorrect or the colour saturation must be changed, Mindworking Asia’s graphic designers can make the necessary adjustments in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. Our many years of experience in colour adjustment ensure a constant high quality. Your colour-adjusted images achieve a uniform look, even if the point of departure requires considerable improvement.

Colour adjustment for the fashion industry

Colour adjustment of images is done in magazines, periodicals, brochures and newspapers to adjust the images to the paper, provide them with the correct colour profile and align their expression.

For fashion houses, excellent images sell clothes, and it is therefore also particularly important to ensure perfect colour adjustment. Our many years of experience allow us to work with colour adjustment for some of the major brands in Scandinavia.

Colour adjustment for webshops

Webshops may shoot their own images or receive images from many different suppliers, resulting in variations in lighting. To ensure a uniform expression for their colour-adjusted images, many webshops choose Mindworking Asia as their preferred partner.

Colour adjustment in general

Naturally, many industries other than fashion, webshops and publishing houses can benefit from colour adjustment of their product images. If your company has products for your website, printed matter or pictures of employees to be colour adjusted, please contact Mindworking Asia to hear more about what we can do for you.

We produce your images quickly and efficiently and offer you the lowest possible price at the highest quality.

Please contact us here if you would like to try us out for free or hear more about colour adjustment of images.

Benefits | outsourcing of colour adjustment:

      • The task is carried out by graphic designers with extensive colour and colour adjustment expertise
      • Delivery according to your guidelines and specifications
      • Simple and fast ordering in our efficient ordering system, where you can continuously check your order status
      • Delivery within 24 hours
      • Fixed low prices
      • Invoicing once a month
      • Open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday
      • Fully-owned Scandinavian company

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