Mindworking Asia changes color on the clothes

Colour change of products

Instead of taking pictures of all products in different colours, it is much cheaper to let Mindworking Asia change the colours of the products based on the one image you submit to us.

For instance, if you have the same piece of clothing in ten different colours, it can be costly to take photographs of every colour.

We handle both solid-coloured clothes and complex patterns.
In addition to reducing photography costs, you can also save the costs for cut-outs and any superimposing of neck sections. The quality of colour changes is so high that customers are unable to see the difference.

No end to the opportunities…

Colour changes can, of course, also be applied in other areas than clothing. For instance, furniture manufacturers produce sofas in different fabrics and colours, and the legs may also differ. Colours change every year, depending on fashion. The same goes for most retail products, so the possibilities are endless.

Mindworking Asia employs graphic designers who work exclusively with colour change. They are therefore highly specialised and ensure a constant high quality.

We produce your images quickly and efficiently and offer you the lowest possible price at the highest quality.

Please contact us here if you would like a free trial or hear more about colour change of images.

Benefits | outsourcing of colour change:

        • The task is carried out by graphic designers with extensive colour and colour change expertise
        • Great savings opportunities
        • Produced according to specific guidelines stated and in any requested format
        • Simple and fast ordering in our efficient ordering system, where you can continuously check your order status
        • Delivery within 24 hours
        • Fixed low prices
        • Upload and download directly from our website
        • Invoicing once a month
        • Open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday
        • Fully-owned Scandinavian company

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