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The graphic designers at Mindworking Asia are experts in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign tasks and can therefore help you with all types of tasks using these two programs.

Typical layout tasks in Adobe InDesign

Our professional team of graphic designers handle everything from the production of comprehensive catalogues and advertising papers to simple advertisements, brochures and manuals. We have extensive experience with advertising paper layout, as we produce 20-25,000 pages a year for Scandinavian customers.

Language localisation is also an obvious task for outsourcing. The customer prepares the first edition of the catalogue, manual or brochure, and we then provide layout in the other language versions.

Typical illustration tasks in Adobe Illustrator

If you have an older logo, the resolution will typically be too low for printing in a decent quality. Mindworking Asia are experts at illustrating to vector, meaning that the finished logo can be used in all sizes in correct resolution.

Mindworking Asia produces numerous illustrations for many different types of companies, e.g. within the furniture and fashion industries, who often need line drawings of products. We produce these in Adobe Illustrator based on your product images. We have extensive experience in working with colours, light and shade, so if your company works with industrial design or fashion, please contact Mindworking Asia for further information.

Common to all tasks in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator is that the price is agreed before the task is started. Therefore, you will always know the price of your task, including proofing. The task is either produced at a fixed low price or on a per-page basis. Please contact us for a free consultation about set-ups in InDesign and Illustrator.

We employ 250 graphic designers working in three shifts, which enables us to produce a large number of pages or drawings every day. We have worked with some of the largest industrial companies in Scandinavia, who have all seen savings of up to 70% compared to their in-house prices.

Benefits | layout:

    • The task is carried out by trained graphic designers, primarily working in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
    • Delivery according to your guidelines and in formats to your request
    • Simple and fast ordering in our efficient ordering system, where you can continuously check your order status
    • Delivery within 24 hours
    • Fixed low prices
    • Upload and download directly from our website
    • Invoicing once a month
    • Open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday
    • Fully-owned Scandinavian company

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