Retouching and image processing

Retouching, colour adjustment, contrast and brightness are examples of digital image processing that make your pictures appear sharp, detailed and harmonious.

Retouching of models

Fashion magazine covers are often adorned with perfect-looking photo models with nothing out of place and perfectly smooth skin. If a model’s skin needs to be cleaned up, clothes are to be smoothed and the light must be perfect, many clothing companies, magazines and photographers send their ‘raw’ images to Mindworking Asia for treatment.

Retouching of jewellery

Jewellery advertising has also typically undergone a ‘transformation’ through retouching, because the gold and silver often reveals scores or impurities and must therefore be retouched to appear inviting and attractive. During photo shoots of jewellery, gems will typically appear ‘flat’ or feature the wrong reflection without retouching.

Retouching of textiles and elements

Changing the shape of a sofa, the structure of a fabric or replacing wood with metal can be very costly in the furniture industry – but it needn’t be, as a picture of the fabric sample or the elements to be replaced is sufficient for Mindworking Asia to retouch the images, avoiding the need to produce the sofa before it is actually sold.

We also offer superimposing of neck sections in clothes, colour management of products, colour change of textiles and much more.

With more than 250 graphic designers employed, we can produce your pictures faster than you are used to. We can deliver high-end retouching to our customers within 24 hours. We work in three shifts and can therefore utilise every hour of the day – including Scandinavian night time. Over the past many years, we have retouched images for the largest Scandinavian fashion houses, publishers, advertising agencies and photographers. Our customers have been able to reduce their hourly rates by up to 85%.

Benefits | outsourcing of retouching:

    • Retouching is carried out by specialist graphic designers with many years of experience
    • Tasks are produced according to the guidelines and specifications we receive
    • Ordering is simple and fast, and you can continuously check your order status
    • Your order is delivered within 24 hours
    • Fixed low prices
    • Upload and download directly from our website
    • Invoicing once a month
    • Open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday
    • Fully-owned Scandinavian company

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