Ethics and responsibility

We have strong views about the ethical aspect of globalisation, and we realise that the collaboration with our employees in Bangladesh entails a special responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a critical dimension of our company from the beginning. We therefore make a deliberate effort to integrate social and environmental concerns into our outsourcing concept.

We define a clear profile through a proactive approach to CSR. One of the ways we do this is by having a transparent business model and by creating goodwill in relation to our customers and employees. Mindworking Asia has chosen to document this approach. We are, therefore, regularly requesting a Statement from an Independent Danish Auditor, confirming that what we are saying is also what we do.

We have yet to see a similar confirmation from our colleagues in the graphics outsourcing industry!

Our employees work an average of 37 hours a week and have 5 weeks of annual holiday.

CSR Policy

Employee focus

We strive to run our company based on Scandinavian standards, so our employees have the same rights and benefits as Scandinavian employees, as far as possible.

Most workers in Bangladesh have working conditions that are well below Western standards.

Mindworking Asia made a clean break with this situation from the outset and offering responsible working conditions to our employees is an important part of our overall strategic plan.

We conduct regular performance appraisals to align expectations, establish training plans and ensure that each employee remains motivated.

We hold large monthly meetings with all employees where they have the opportunity to express new ideas or comment on conditions which they would like to see changed.

As is customary in many Scandinavian companies, employees are given a handbook, and our employees are also given a handbook when they commence employment, specifying all their rights and obligations.

The importance of retaining capable employees and motivating them in their daily work is just as important in Bangladesh as it is anywhere else.

The excellent working conditions have resulted in a secure and pleasant working environment, which makes Mindworking Asia one of the most attractive workplaces in Bangladesh.

The employees


Our focus on training and further education has motivated the staff of Mindworking Asia to make an extra effort and take responsibility for their tasks.

A training plan based on the individual employee’s qualifications is formulated from the outset of their employment. Some graphic designers have extensive practical experience, others have theoretical training from an institution such as the Govt. Graphic Arts Institute in Dhaka.

All employees go through an induction course when they commence employment, to ensure that they are familiar with our work routines and the high standards we set.

Management team training

Mindworking Asia also provides extensive training for senior employees. We aim to minimise bureaucracy and establish autonomous production teams in accordance with Western leadership principles.