Graphic outsourcing

E-com in general

Advantages of e-commerce outsourcing

Fast deliveries

For online stores with a high volume of images, the priority is often to get good packshots online as quickly as possible. The products should have an identical background in a set position, and any obvious errors should be corrected. There may be creases in the clothes that need smoothing out or fingerprints and other that need to be removed.

High volume – low prices

Our customers often have products from many different suppliers, and these must be aligned to create a uniform look that corresponds to the established graphic profile. With its capacity for large volumes and short turnaround times, Mindworking Asia has acquired a natural position as a market leader when it comes to image retouching for e-commerce.

Best Quality

Mindworking Asia employs 250 highly skilled employees with many years of retouching experience of deliveries to the largest online stores globally. Our experience is your guarantee that we will nail it when it comes to the visual expression and quality, on par with local suppliers.

The entire palette

We perform clipping, retouching and colour adjustment as well as colour changing. Instead of photographing the same products in all available colours, it is far cheaper to let Mindworking Asia change the colours according to the colour codes desired.

Automated image processing flow with API integration

Mindworking Asia offers customised flows where we build API integration for the backend of your online store. In practice, this means that you upload the images to our system, which we then process and send on to the image archive of the online store when they are ready.

Improving the conversion rate of the online store

We have found that for many online stores, outsourcing image editing to Mindworking Asia is a unique opportunity to free up a considerable amount of the online store employees’ time and energy. There is no need for them to spend time on quality checks or corrections. And when the store’s products are represented by perfect images, the conversion rate increases.

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