How we do it



Our production facility in Asia follows the European calendar with regards to weekends and holy days, meaning that we work when our clients need us.

We are open around the clock from Monday morning to Saturday morning, so whatever time you place your order within this time frame, you will receive a response in approx. 15 minutes.

Each shift is led by an operations management team, assisted by team managers. This means that the ongoing coordination and monitoring of tasks is handled by approx. 20 production managers in rotation.

Quality control

A special quality assurance team checks every task before delivery. Any errors are reported and serve as a basis for evaluation and internal staff training

Our European Production Director has the overall responsibility for quality, production flow, start-up phase with new clients and for the continuing communication.



All ongoing tasks are monitored in our production system. We have developed comprehensive process software to control production, in order to ensure that all the money we spend on wages is devoted to graphics tasks.


Save time on downloading/uploading and order your graphics services with Mind-Transfer.

Mind-Transfer automates your order workflow. You simply upload files related to your order from your browser. The files will be automatically transferred to us, and when the new files are ready, they are sent directly to your email.
If you would like to streamline your order management in relation to graphics services, we can prepare a workflow analysis for you, and a proposal for optimising your file management.