Graphic outsourcing


For customers with more than 100 images per month Mindworking Asia can offer:


  • Cut-outs of packshots

  • Retouching of packshots

  • High-end retouching of models

  • Colour correction

  • Special tasks

Price examples

Please note that the prices below are for guidance only. For all clients we calculate a price per image based on the specific job task.


From EUR0.95/ img

Everything from simple cut-outs of products to advanced clipping tasks


From EUR1.50/ img

Retouching, colour correction, contrast and brightness make your images crisp, detailed and harmonious

High-end Retouching

From EUR4.00/ img

High-end retouching includes advanced adjustments where items are replaced, removed or added

Colour correction

From EUR1.50/ img

Colour correction ensures a consistent expression, even though the starting point may require some improvement

Cut-out of images

Cut-out of packshots

We employ an experienced team of graphic designers who are trained in carrying out accurate cut-outs in Adobe Photoshop in a minimum of time. We perform everything from simple product cut-outs to advanced cut-out tasks, e.g. models with a lot of hair, bicycles or other complex images. Naturally we can deliver your images with clipping path, mask and with or without background in the desired file formats. In short, the images are produced according to your specific requests within the agreed delivery time.

Superimposing neck sections

Naturally, we also offer post-processing of images. Mindworking Asia also has extensive experience within superimposing neck sections in clothes, smoothing out folds, retouching models for lookbooks, colour management and colour change on textiles.

With more than 250 employees in our production unit, we are able to produce a large number of images every day without compromising on the quality or delivery of our work. On our website, you can upload and download pictures, check the live status of current tasks, send messages to our production facilities in Bangladesh or to the European office as well as check your order history directly. The Danish office guarantees top quality and flexible order management, so delivery on time is a matter of course.

Outsourcing cut-outs and graphics work to Asia is easy when you let Mindworking Asia handle the task.



Typical retouching tasks:

  • Model images
  • Images for lookbook
  • NOOS images
  • Packshots

Retouching of packshots

Retouching packshots, along with clipping, has gradually become common when images need to be prepared for online use. We remove unwanted details like scratches, dust, stains and creases in the product, and we tailor products to a template so that the pages appear harmonious.

We can return your images within a very short timeframe. We work in three shifts and can therefore utilize every hour of the day – including European night time.

We also offer superimposing of neck sections in clothes, colour management of products, colour change of textiles and much more.

High-end retouching

Mindworking Asia has built a large production unit over the past 13 years, focusing on high-end retouching.

We perform retouching for a large number of the biggest Scandinavian fashion brands, at a level that corresponds to the quality produced by Danish graphic artists – at a fraction of the price,  and we deliver retouching to our customers within 24 hours of receipt of orders.

Our customers have experienced savings of up to 85% with us in relation to the hourly rate previously paid.


Colour correction and colour change of products.

For many years we have been working for some of the largest clothing manufacturers, publishing houses and advertising agencies.

Colour correction of images

If your pictures are underexposed, the white balance is incorrect, or the colour saturation must be changed, Mindworking Asia’s graphic designers can make the necessary adjustments in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. Our many years of experience in colour adjustment ensure a consistent high quality. Your colour-adjusted images achieve a uniform look, even if your original images require considerable improvement.

Colour adjustment of images is done in magazines, periodicals, brochures and newspapers to adjust the images to the paper, provide them with the correct colour profile and align their expression.

For fashion houses, excellent images sell clothes, and it is therefore also particularly important to ensure perfect colour adjustment. Our many years of experience allow us to work with colour adjustment for some of the major brands in Scandinavia.

Webshops may shoot their own images or receive images from many different suppliers, resulting in variations in lighting. To ensure a uniform expression for their colour-adjusted images, many webshops choose Mindworking Asia as their preferred partner.

Colour change of products

Instead of taking pictures of all products in different colours, it is much cheaper to let Mindworking Asia change the colours of the products based on the one image you submit to us.

For instance, if you have the same piece of clothing in ten different colours, it can be costly to take photographs of every colour.

We handle both solid-coloured clothes and complex patterns.
In addition to reducing photography costs, you can also save the costs for cut-outs and any superimposing of neck sections. The quality of colour changes is so good that customers are unable to see the difference.

Colour changes can, of course, also be applied in other areas than clothing. For instance, furniture manufacturers produce sofas in different fabrics and colours, and the legs may also differ. Colours change every year, depending on fashion. The same goes for most retail products, so the possibilities are endless.

No end to the opportunities…

Mindworking Asia employs graphic designers who work exclusively with colour change. They are therefore highly specialised and ensure a constant high quality.

We produce your images quickly and efficiently and offer you the lowest possible price at the highest quality.


Special tasks

Mindworking Asia produces a number of special tasks such as:

  • Layout of catalogues
  • Logo drawings
  • Drawings of products
  • Language conversion of catalogues
  • Language conversion of newsletters
  • HTML banner production

And much more…

We employ 250 graphic designers working in three shifts, which enable us to produce a large number of pages or drawings every day. We have worked with some of the largest industrial companies in Scandinavia, who have all seen savings of up to 70% compared to their in-house prices.

If you have special requirements where the amount of work constitutes many hours and is repetitive, it is obvious to save money by outsourcing.

Common to all tasks is that the price is agreed before the task is started. Therefore, you will always know the price of your task, including proofing. Please contact us for a free consultation about your request.

Let us evaluate the job and give you a price. Email info@mindworkingasia.com