Typical retouching tasks:

  • Model images
  • Images for lookbook
  • NOOS images
  • Packshots

Retouching of packshots

Retouching packshots, along with clipping, has gradually become common when images need to be prepared for online use. We remove unwanted details like scratches, dust, stains and creases in the product, and we tailor products to a template so that the pages appear harmonious.

We can return your images within a very short timeframe. We work in three shifts and can therefore utilize every hour of the day – including European night time.

We also offer superimposing of neck sections in clothes, colour management of products, colour change of textiles and much more.

High-end retouching

Mindworking Asia has built a large production unit over the past 13 years, focusing on high-end retouching.

We perform retouching for a large number of the biggest Scandinavian fashion brands, at a level that corresponds to the quality produced by Danish graphic artists – at a fraction of the price,  and we deliver retouching to our clients within 24 hours of receipt of orders.

Our clients have experienced savings of up to 85% with us in relation to the hourly rate previously paid.

No end to the opportunities…

Mindworking Asia employs graphic designers who work exclusively with colour change. They are therefore highly specialised and ensure a constant high quality.

We produce your images quickly and efficiently and offer you the lowest possible price at the highest quality.

Let us evaluate the job and give you a price. Email