Special tasks

Mindworking Asia produces a number of custom graphical tasks such as:

  • Layout of catalogues
  • Logo drawings
  • Drawings of products
  • Language conversion of catalogues
  • Language conversion of newsletters
  • HTML banner production

And much more…

We employ 250 graphic designers working in three shifts, which enable us to produce a large number of pages or drawings every day. We have worked with some of the largest industrial companies in Scandinavia, who have all seen savings of up to 70% compared to their in-house prices.

If you have special requirements where the amount of work consist of many hours and is repetitive, it is obvious to save money by outsourcing.

Common to all tasks is that the price is agreed before the task is started. Therefore, you will always know the price of your task, including proofing. Please contact us for a free consultation about your request.

Let us evaluate the job and give you a price. Email