Video editing time: 30 minutes

The raw footage provided by our client was long, so we edited a short version here. We essentially edited a 2 minute video into a 13-15 second video. Here, we colour matched the product and colour corrected the model’s skin as per the sample image provided. We included a smooth transition within the video as well.

Complex video retouch

Here, there are some reflections on the belt, which we removed (in the edited file). This is time-consuming and the average time spent is approximately 40 minutes for this type of retouching. The timing depends on the complexity of the light reflection and what is required to be removed.

Simple video editing

In this original file, there are some items in the background that needed to be retouched out. As you can see, these were retouched out in the edited file.  And the average time spent is approximately 10 minutes for this type of retouching

Video editing time: 10 to 25 minutes

The raw footage was provided on a green screen and the client’s requirement was to separate the model from the green screen and set her on a new background.

In this example, the time taken was based on how many objects and models are required to be separated from the background.

The model only takes 10 minutes however if there are many models and other elements, then time spent will increase depending on the complexity.

Below are the 3 single image elements used to create a smooth transition in the above motion videos. Here, we have included motion into the text and changes to the sky/room according to the time of day/light settings.